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With your partner. With yourself. With the world around you.


Therapy for Individuals and Couples

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Humans are pack animals. We depend on our relationships to survive. It is impossible to understate the impact this pandemic is having on all of us. Connection to our people and the world around us has never faced as many barriers as it does now. I can imagine relationships are becoming more challenging, whether with your intimate partner, your friends or yourself!

Are you feeling stuck, disconnected, depressed or anxious? Do you feel caught in old, unwanted patterns? Maybe you know what you would like to be different but haven’t been able to create that change on your own. Or perhaps, you only know things don’t feel “right” and cannot figure out why. If any of this feels familiar, I am glad that you are here.


My Approach

I am committed to working with humans at all levels of development who need a nurturing and supportive environment in their pursuit of growth and healing. Together, we can explore your present and your past to discover your strengths and resiliency, while making space for the pain and distress you are carrying with you.

I bring curiosity, acceptance, and empathy as a fellow traveler on your therapeutic journey. I hold no expectations or motives for what our work together will look like. I want to get to know you fully: who you are today, what brings you to therapy and, as we develop trust, the parts of your past that may be difficult to share. I adapt my style to fit your needs whether that be stepping back to create space for you to share and reflect or provide a more interactive experience. No matter the shape our relationship takes, what I can promise is authenticity and honesty as we explore your inner and outer world together.

Above all else, I am guided by one principle: All your feelings are real and make sense. Let’s discover how together. Therapy offers a unique opportunity to make connections and build new understanding of the why behind patterns and behaviors that can, at times, feel confusing or out of our control. Change happens when we learn to understand ourselves deeply and can carry that awareness into the present moment. With awareness comes choice.

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Contact Me

Paul Taruskin, AMFT (he/him)

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 112660

Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center

Supervised by Deb Lyman, LCSW 22113

and Robin Hitchman, LMFT 83802

Practicing through the auspices of Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center, a nonprofit organization providing affordable counseling and psychotherapy services to children, teens, couples, families, and groups throughout San Francisco, the East Bay, and Contra Costa County.

2340 Ward St. Suite 204 Berkeley, CA


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